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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Lottie Loves Release Day!




The phone rang shrilly, completely knocking me out of my nostalgia trip. With my heart still racing from the shock, I rushed down the stairs, amazed at myself for getting sucked in so easily. After avoiding the past for so long, I was a little stunned at how quickly my mind went right back to it, without even considering the implications of that. I’d unlocked the box inside my brain, and I wasn’t sure if there was any way of going back now.
“Hey babe.” Danny crooned into the phone, in the chocolaty sweet voice that I loved so much. Although this time, hearing his voice didn’t make me feel safe and special, it sent waves of guilt crashing through my body. I felt like I’d been betraying him by just thinking of Joe. “Our show last night was amazing!” He continued, completely oblivious to my internal turmoil. “I wish you could have been there.”
“I don’t think your adoring fans would appreciate that.” I smiled warmly to myself, trying to push my other thoughts aside. I needed to focus on him and what he was saying to me, because I never got very long to speak to him. I didn’t want my worries to affect the short time that we had together.
I was so happy for Danny and the way that Jax had become so successful. I knew how much they deserved it and how hard they’d worked to get there. There was only one member of the band who had let the fame go to his head—their lead singer Craig, but he was always a bit of a knob anyway, so it wasn’t much of a surprise. As the drummer, often hidden at the back of the stage, Danny had a few less admirers than the rest of the band, but that wasn’t to say that there weren’t a few dedicated groupies just for him!
“Anyway, I think we’re in Cardiff tonight so I won’t be able to ring you until tomorrow okay? Oh hold on…” I could hear his muffled talking, which meant that he obviously had his hand over the receiver. I couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed, couldn’t he spare just one moment for me without being dragged back into band stuff? Normally I didn’t mind, and I was really understanding, but today I felt different. Dragging up my past had made me uncomfortable and unsettled, which unfortunately I was taking out on him. “Got to go babe, we have some promotion party thing to go to. Love ya! Bye.”
“Work is going fine thanks, yeah I’m good…” I muttered angrily into the dead receiver, slamming the phoned down. I loved Danny to bits, but I felt like this was a moment that I really needed him to just speak to me and pay me some attention, and I was irrationally angry because he hadn’t gotten my telepathic  message about that.
Or maybe I was just looking for an excuse for what I really wanted to do. Maybe I was looking for a reason to stomp back up into that attic and to continue looking through my memories. I knew what I was doing was wrong—it certainly felt like deception at any rate—but I had no intention of stopping. Especially not after that phone call!
It was done, and I needed to know it all now. I wouldn’t be able to rest until I’d uncovered everything. I already knew that there was no way that I could sleep until I’d gone through all of the secrets hidden away up there, and I was forcing my guilt to subside to get me through that.
Sighing as I sat back down, I flicked through the rest of the photographs in the box. There were literally thousands of us growing up, it was as if our parents couldn’t bear to let a second go by without catching it on camera. Joe’s sister sometimes featured alongside us in the pictures, but she was only an outsider really—everyone else was. No one was invited to our little clique, and that was the way we liked it.
It was all quite causal and sweet to look back on, until in one of the boxes I found my diary, which that changed everything. Even the atmosphere in the room changed as I ran my hand over the silky front cover, just knowing what lay inside…
I quickly scanned my eyes over the first few pages and the posts that were only bitching about my mum, because I knew that soon enough I started to talk about Joe—really talk about him—and for some reason, I wanted to explore that. I wanted to go back to that awkward time in secondary school when there was an obvious shift in our friendship—not that he seemed to notice of course!

12th March 2006
Why not me? Why never me?
It was always just me and you Joe, so why did that have to change?
I miss primary school when you didn’t you notice anyone else.
Damn it, when did it start to hurt to see you look at other girls?

I gulped down a ball of emotion that lodged firmly in my throat as I read my teen-angst filled words. The feelings of jealousy that I felt back then flooded right through me once more, which sent me to the edge of unease.
Seeing Joe with anyone used to drive me crazy with jealousy, to the point where I thought I might go insane. I’d go hot and dizzy, nauseous if he even smiled at another girl. Yet with Danny—a bona fide rock star with gorgeous fans dripping from his shoulders—I didn’t feel bad about that even once. If anything, I was always pleased for him to have women chasing after him. It meant that he’d really made it.
What did that mean?
Did that mean that I didn’t love Danny as much as I had Joe? Or that I trusted him more? I wasn’t sure, and it was making my head spin. I stood up, feeling light-headed and very sick, before staggering back down the stairs and into natural light. But not without bringing the diary with me. Now that I’d read that information, I felt like I needed to know more, to work out how I really felt about my life right now.
I’d always assumed that I was happy, but was that just a trick that I was playing on myself to help me move on with my life? To help me get over losing Joe?
Sure, Danny was absolutely gorgeous, and he was lovely too, but did that really make him the man for me? Did that really mean that I should marry him? It wasn’t even like he was the man that I’d admired from afar anymore because we had a real bond and connection. We were really in love…or so I thought.
Urgh, what the hell was wrong with me?
I padded into the kitchen and grabbed a half drunk bottle of wine, taking a swig without even thinking. My heart was pounding and my mind was reeling, so much so that I felt like I wasn’t even in the room anymore.
In the end, I poured myself a glass of the wine, trying to at least behave normally, before sitting on the bar stool and reading a little bit more, digging in even deeper to the girl I used to be.

18th June 2006
I can’t take it anymore. I can’t.
This is the end of the world to me.
How the fuck am I supposed to move on?

21st June 2006
I’m so confused. Now you’re showing me all the attention that you once did, and I don’t know what to think about it. She’s still in the picture, and I can tell that she hates me, but when I’m in your sun rays of affection it doesn’t matter.
It’s when you leave and you’re kissing her that I go into turmoil.

I remembered feeling that way, so passionate and heartbroken that I didn’t even make any sense. That life felt like an unbearable rollercoaster that I couldn’t seem to climb off of. I recalled needing to get my feelings out and writing them down as the only way to do that, and now reading over those words once more, I felt like I was in the same state, that I was the same mess waiting for Joe to look my way once more. It was weird—I was now twenty-three years old and it was like I’d reverted back to a teenage girl all over again. Everything that I’d learned about life just melted away, and I became an insecure, neurotic puddle all over again.
I sipped the wine, just thinking for a moment, trying to get a calm perspective on things, but instead my brain span back over my memories, dragging me back there once more…

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Lottie Loves by Samie Sands

Lottie Loves OUT NOW

Lottie Loves

The first cut is always the deepest...

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000447_00006]

“Will you marry me?”
Four words I’ve waited my whole life to hear. Four words which I was sure would change my life forever, and it did. Just not in the way I thought it would.
Finding out that my extremely gorgeous rock star boyfriend was about to propose, had the complete opposite effect I thought it would. Rather than catapult me into a future I’ve always wanted, it plunged me all the way back to a past I tried to forget.
Now I can’t get him out of my head. I can’t help but wonder what could have been, how our lives would have ended up if he didn’t leave me behind a shattered mess.
All these memories of the past are dangerous. It’s bringing my past back to ruin my future. And worst of all, it’s taking me right back to him, my childhood sweetheart, my first love…my biggest regret.


"Will you marry me?"
It was the words that I'd wanted to hear my entire life. Didn't every girl fantasise over the perfect man going to buy the perfect ring and getting down on one knee in the most romantic way possible, before telling them that they loved them so much, they wanted to spend the rest of their life with them?
I knew that I certainly had.
Me and my best friend Cici used to talk about it all the time. We used to plan our dresses, the music, the flowers—every part of the ceremony down to the very last detail. Of course, the man didn't really matter. We were young enough and naive enough to believe that we would magically meet the perfect man without even trying.
And I really thought that I had. I really, truly believed that my dream had come true.
Me and Danny had begun our love story in a very typical fashion—our eyes had met across a bar, where we'd had long, lingering eye contact, sparking all kinds of emotions within me. The only difference between my story, and that of every other rom-com ever, was that Danny was a genuine up-and-coming rock star, playing on a fairly big stage, and I was a fan who already felt a lot of love for this man. I'd been admiring him from afar ever since I first heard their album a year or so before.
I certainly hadn't expected it to ever go any further than that moment, so when he came and joined me at the bar later on for a drink, despite being mobbed by other members of the audience, I felt like my entire life had been leading me up to that moment. I felt like everything that I'd experienced was all drawing me closer to Danny, the love of my life. Here was a gorgeous man who was destined to be famous, and who could have any girl in the world hanging off of his arm, talking to me, asking me questions, and actually showing me interest.
It seemed like a dream—one that I was terrified to wake up from.
As he flicked his messy auburn hair from his warm, chocolaty eyes and he gave me that smile that had already melted the hearts of the nation, I thought for a dreaded, wonderful second that he was going to kiss me in front of all of those people. But after a few beats of pure terror, he didn't. Instead he handed me his phone number, and he asked if I would like to go on a date with him.
Me—boring old Charlotte (Lottie) Jones—on a date with Danny Boreom, bassist of the (now very) famous band Jax. It didn't seem real.
Yet, it was real, and it did happen.
It was the start of my real life.
After a night out on the town where he well and truly wined and dined me, he walked me home to my tiny flat which must have looked ridiculous compared to the mansion that I now know he lived in with the rest of the band at the time, and he finally kissed me. As his lips met mine, I felt myself flying on top of the world—he was an amazing kisser, and there seemed to be an endless chemistry between us. One that I never wanted to end.
Breathless and turned on by the power of his mouth, I invited him inside. Although he coolly and calmly turned me down, it was still the best night of my entire life, made even better by a phone call the next day to say that he only didn't come inside with me because he wanted to be something real. He didn't want our love to end at a one-night stand, he actually wanted us to develop and for him to become my boyfriend.
Fast forward three and a half years and we were blissfully living together, grazing by every day happily and easily. Although he was away for a lot of the year touring, it didn't seem to bother us. We were so strong and so solid with what we had, that nothing would get in our way.
It was perfect, still a dream come true and that intense chemistry hadn't burned down one bit.
Which made it even weirder that my reaction to Cici telling me that Baz—another member of the band—had just told her that he'd been engagement ring shopping with Danny, wasn't one of pure joy.
"What...what do you mean?" I asked, my heart racing frantically in my chest. I could tell that my voice was breathless and kind of terrified, but my mind was spinning too fast for me to be able to do anything about it.
"Aren't you happy?" She giggled, "I thought that you'd be over the moon to finally be Mrs. Boreom."
"No, no, I am," I half lied. The idea had always been at the edge of my thoughts. I knew that Danny was the one for me, and despite all the car crash relationships around us, we'd even managed to survive the fallout of him becoming mega famous. It helped that I had no interest in the spotlight and that I did everything I could to avoid it, but even despite all of that, I felt like it proved that we could go the distance, and be together forever. So why wasn't I excited for us to take the next step? "It's just a bit of a shock, that's all."
But that was normal, right? Everyone freaked out at first when they learned that they were going to become someone's wife...didn't they?
Of course, I already knew that wasn't true. I'd already been proposed to once in my life before, and that time, I didn't hesitate one bit. Panic didn't even come into the equation, I was happy, over the moon at the thought of becoming his wife. This was nothing like that had been. I felt completely different.
For the first time in a very long time, I allowed myself to think about Joe again, and almost the second that I allowed that vault to open in my mind, I felt myself fall into a tailspin. As his face filled my brain once more, it was almost as if the last five years hadn't happened at all, and that I was still his proud girlfriend, waiting to be his wife.
As the wound reopened, I could barely hear what Cici was saying to me. I felt like I was gaping, exposed, and extremely vulnerable all over again, and I did what I'd always done when I was younger, when things got too difficult for me. I started to talk to Joe in my mind.
Where are you now?
What became of you?
What happened to your life?
It was so strange to have gone from the closest people in the world, to absolutely nothing, and I struggled to imagine that he'd changed one bit. Of course I had, my life was completely different, but I couldn't think of Joe without viewing him as the other half of me. The boy that I'd adored, and the one that I never thought would leave my side.
"I...I've got to go," I finally announced to my friend. "I'll speak to you later, okay?" And then I hung up the phone, without even waiting for her to answer. I knew that I was being rude, acting more than a little strange, but I needed some time. I needed to be alone with my thoughts to try and process all of this.
So quite how I found myself sitting at my computer with my fingers running along the keys, I wasn't quite sure.
Don't press anything, I willed myself. As soon as you do, everything will change.
Since we had gone our separate ways, I hadn't contacted Joe once, and with the uprising of social media I hadn't looked him up either. I just couldn't face it. He was like an imaginary fantasy in my mind now, and I wasn't sure that I wanted to ruin that with reality. What if he was married now? Or into drugs or something? His life could have gone in any direction, and I wasn't sure that I really wanted to find out which one.
Plus, my life really was amazing now. Why would I want to even consider risking that? I had a gorgeous, passionate man who actually wanted to be with me forever, even though he was about ten leagues above me, I had a teaching job that I loved, and friends that would do anything for me. That was a hell of a lot more than most people had!
In the end I forced myself to stand up and to move away from the computer screen before it lured me in. I couldn't do it; I just wasn't willing to take that step into the unknown. It terrified me far too much. But as I wandered aimlessly from room to room, I realised that I couldn't just do nothing either. I needed to calm this beast within me, which meant delving into my past whether I liked it or not.
I stood at the bottom of the attic ladder, wondering what awaited me up there. When me and Danny decided to buy a place together—well, he put the most money in of course, but we still classed it as 'ours'—I shoved everything related to my old life away, not wanting to even consider it. But it was always a comfort, knowing that it was there, knowing that I could access it at any moment if I really wanted to.
And I could feel myself finally taking that step.
I creaked up the ladder, feeling my heart thump and my palms sweat with nerves. This was a mistake, I knew it was, but at the same time I couldn't stop.
There would be no way for me to get married without taking this step anyway. Right now, things were comfortable, but if I was ever going to have a future with Danny, I needed to consult my past first. At least, that was my excuse and I was sticking to it.
Danny knew about Joe anyway. Well, he'd been told some of it, the very basics, so I supposed that I was probably going to have to confess all before we finally took the plunge. With that thought in mind, I tore open the first box I stumbled across, and I ended up looking at the few photographs that I had of me and Joe when we were very young, when we very first met...

For more check the book out here!

Friday, 13 October 2017

Undead Worlds: A Reanimated Writers Anthology

22 Authors. 22 Undead worlds. 1 Great Book. Do you dare? Featuring stories by David A. Simpson, Justin Robinson, Christopher Mahood, Arthur Mongelli, Michael Whitehead, Sylvester Barzey, Jeremy Dyson, Derek Ailes, Grivante, Michael Pierce, Christopher Artinian, E.E. Isherwood, Mark Cusco Ailes, R. L. Blalock, T. D. Ricketts, Brea Behn, Jessica Gomez, Julien Saindon, Samie Sands, Valerie Lioudis, Charles Ingersoll, and Adrienne Lecter.
Damaged Goods
by Samie Sands (Sample, featured in Undead Worlds)
How the hell did this happen?  
I still, even now, can’t work out how I allowed myself to be so stupid. I’m a smart girl, aren’t I? At least that’s what I’ve always been told. The teachers at my school have always said to me: ‘Ava Jones, you are a smart girl. One of the cleverest in the class. You’ll go far in life’. Maybe if they could see me now, none of them would be half as quick to say that.  
I mean, what sort of girl allows themselves to get bit, in the middle of the damn zombie apocalypse? I’m sure as hell not going far in life now!  
I tentatively glance my eyes downwards to look at the injury on my trembling arm, but it’s hard to stand the sight of it. As soon as I spot the slightly brown, coagulating blood that’s forming on my wrist, my eyes squeeze shut and my lips clamp together so tightly it’s as if they fear vomit might fall out if I dare to part them.  
The pain is much worse than the sight though, so it's not like I can ignore it. It’s hot and radiating all over me as if it wants to swallow me whole. In all honesty, I’ve never experienced anything quite like it before. 
I’m not an idiot, I know what the bite means, I’ve been out there enough to know what it’ll turn me into, I just don’t know what to do about it. I know my skin will grey, my irises will pale, my body will slow as my brain shuts off. I’ll become one of the monsters that are outside my door right now, waiting for some human flesh to consume. Hoping someone will be dumb enough to stumble into their path. I’ll become the one thing that everyone wants to avoid these days, the nightmare that no one can stand to even discuss. 
The worst part is I could've avoided that fate too if only I listened.

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Monday, 9 October 2017

13 Night Terrors

13 Night Terrors: An Anthology Of Horror And Dark Fiction (Thirteen Series) by [Roach, D.A., Roderick, Elizabeth, Lee, Erin, Sonnenberg, Jackie, Loring, Jennifer, Macmillan, Joshua, Jacques, Kristin, Farrar, Marissa, Mills, Nykki, Sands, Samie, Schoen, Sara, Henderson, Taylor, Flowers, Thomas S., Limitless Publishing]
They’re watching you. They see the way you clutch your blanket. They smell the sweat trickling down your back. They hear the fear pulsing through your veins…and they love it.

This is a collection of stories about what really hides beneath your bed, watching, waiting, listening to every breath you take. It’s about the creatures that come out to play on the full moon, and the things that wake at the devil’s hour.

Are you ready to find out what really goes bump in the night? The true reason behind your midnight tremors?

You’d better be.

13 is back—and it’s brought Night Terrors.

The Day That...
By Samie Sands (Sample, featured in 13 Night Terrors)
 Miss Penley has given us this challenge for school. An essay titled ‘The Day That…’. The rest of that sentence is up to us, as is the style of the work. Basically, we can do what we want with this project as long as we’re busy doing something. Keeping out of the way, I suppose, that’s the main job of kids these days.  
Of course, it didn’t surprise me that everyone leapt up with excitement at the idea and declared what they would write about: ‘The Day That The World Ended’. It’s all anyone can talk about anymore. The end of the world, the day people stopped dying and started becoming something else.  
Some say zombies, some say monsters, some call them ‘infected’. I don’t call them anything because I haven’t ever seen one. Or if I did see any in the beginning, before we came to this camp, then I don’t remember. My brain has successfully blanked it out completely. I can recall our weird neighbor, ol’ man Hank, insisting that we needed to go to a refugee camp, and my mom agreeing with him. As a child, I had no choice in the matter even though I didn’t want to leave my home. I argued and pleaded, only to be ignored. Then again, that hasn’t changed with the end of the world. It’s always been that way.  
Apparently, it’s ‘much better’ that we’re here. That’s what Mom always says to me: ‘Gaby, it’s much better we’re here’ like it’s some form of mantra. Sometimes I think she’s saying it to convince herself as much as me. I’m not saying it’s terrible in this camp, I’m sure it could be worse—I’ve heard all kinds of rumors about what happens ‘out there’—but it’s never going to be home and no dressing it up will change that.  
Maybe I should write what the end of the world looks like to me in this place. That might be a slightly different essay idea. I might not remember the horrible bits from the beginning of the apocalypse, but I do know what’s going on around me right now. I know Miss Penley and the other children know what life’s like in this camp, so it’s a bit pointless. Still, I have to write something. Apparently, grades still matter, and I’ve never liked to fail. 

Saturday, 7 October 2017

My Soldier #LimitlessPublishing

My Soldier: A Military Romance Collection (Mine Collection Book 1) by [Mello, Alison, Slough, Cristina, Lynn, Delisa, Bellus, HJ, Drake, J.L., Nacole, Kris, Marshall, Penelope, Publishing, Limitless]
Special Forces...
Navy Seals...
US Marines...
We got it all…

7 Full length novels by International and USA today best selling authors. Hot, steamy, sexy, military romances with an edge! Romance, suspense, drama…you will love our My Soldier collection!

Authored by:
J.L. Drake
Alison Mello
Delisa Lynn
Cristina Slough
Penelope Marshall
H.J. Bellus
Kris Nacole

Night Mares compiled by Samie Sands

Night Mares by [Sands, Samie, Shepherd, Rob, Jaarsveld, Katie, Lockwood, Andy, Winck, Alex, Louidis, Valerie, Hall, Kevin, White, Jason, Rickman, Greg]"I
t was just a dream, nothing more. Just a nightmare."

Do you dare delve into the unconscious
mind to find out just whay your dreams
are trying to tell you?

Watch out...something is coming!


Rob Shepherd
Andy Lockwood
Katie Jaarsveld
Alex Winck
Valerie Louidis
Kevin Hall
Samie Sands
Jason White
Greg Rickman

Thursday, 5 October 2017

My Security #LimitlessPublishing

My Security: Protection At Its Finest (Mine Collection Book 4) by [McNeil, Aimee, Norris, A.J., Smith, Angela, J., Bella, Grace, Evan, Ratto, JP, Valentine, Melinda, Publishing, Limitless]
Degrees of Distortion -
The only thing I know for certain is someone is coming for me.
I need to find my mother before it’s too late.
Unless it already is…

Tattoo Killer -
The case against him seems straightforward, especially since Mikey is connected to the victims, but police detective Harry Hunter knows finding the psychopath isn’t that simple.

One Wrong Move -
A DEA agent, Camden is deep undercover, posing as a chef on a dangerous drug operation. The investigation leaves no time for romance, plus he can’t risk exposing his cover. But if Rayma doesn’t stop snooping around, it will definitely lead to trouble.

Regret -
When it comes to women, Private Investigator Hunter Keaton has rules. Those rules ensure his life stays uncomplicated and controlled. Control is what he craves, what he needs to keep his inner demons quiet.

Secret Love -
David “Damien” Michaels loves his job with the DEA. Posing as a bouncer at a strip club is just another assignment…until one gorgeous redhead complicates everything. She doesn’t belong there, and he knows it.

Trust No One -
Private Investigator Lucas Holt is caught between the FBI and terrorists...
On the heels of a personal tragedy, Lucas Holt receives an urgent summons from Charles Gates, his ex-Delta Force commander.

Fear Inc. -
Sloane Robertson is no longer the woman he met at a dinner party, or the woman he kissed at the front door. She’s a client, a job, nothing more than a person who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong damn time.

7 Full Length novels by International and best selling authors!

Authored by:
Aimee McNeil
A.J. Norris
Angela Smith
Bella J.
Evan Grace
JP Ratto
Melina Valentine

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The Crimson Meniscus by Jason Werbeloff

The Crimson Meniscus: 7 Mind-Blowing Sci-Fi Stories from the Bubble (The Bubble Chronicles Book 1) by [Werbeloff, Jason]
DO NOT adjust your Bubble-issued glasses. Make sure your phase modulator is strapped on tight. And try not to soil your smart-clothing.

Welcome to the Bubble, where the Tax Bureau patents your body movements, and deaf superheroes hear messages from the future.

Become a bloodthirsty android obsessed with The Bold and the Beautiful. Meet a desperate father who trades his daughter’s health on the stock market. Marry your lover, and merge your body with hers. Literally. But don’t worry – you can terminate your child up to the age of 25 years at the Postnatal Abortion Clinic.

The Crimson Meniscus is a box set of six mind-blowing science fiction novellas, PLUS the first book in the bestselling sci-fi trilogy, Defragmenting Daniel. If you enjoy dark science fiction that makes you think, you’ll love this box set.

Find out why Jason Werbeloff’s books have been downloaded over 75,000 times. Plunge through the Bubble’s meniscus today. Your brain will never be the same again.


The Crimson Meniscus includes:
Manufacturing Margaret
Investing Isobella
Oscillating Olaf
Patenting Peter
Severing Sidney
Aborting Andromeda
Defragmenting Daniel: The Organ Scrubber

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Jazzy Book Reviews: Extinct by Samie Sands - Book Tour & Review + Give...

Jazzy Book Reviews: Extinct by Samie Sands - Book Tour & Review + Give...: Extinct AM13 Outbreak Series Book 3 by Samie Sands Genre: Horror Writing books about the horrors of the zombie apoca...

Halloween #Freebies

Love horror? Want lots of scary books to read for free in the lead up to Halloween? Then this is the perfect place for you! Check out Instafreebie for a selection of horror books for Halloween!

Thursday, 28 September 2017

13 Night Terrors: An Anthology Of Horror And Dark Fiction (Thirteen Series)

They’re watching you. They see the way you clutch your blanket. They smell the sweat trickling down your back. They hear the fear pulsing through your veins…and they love it.

This is a collection of stories about what really hides beneath your bed, watching, waiting, listening to every breath you take. It’s about the creatures that come out to play on the full moon, and the things that wake at the devil’s hour.

Are you ready to find out what really goes bump in the night? The true reason behind your midnight tremors?

You’d better be.

13 is back—and it’s brought Night Terrors.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

#Win a $50 Amazon Giftcard!

I have teamed up with Seth the Giveaway Guy to give away a $50 Amazon gift card, among other prizes:

Need a bit of suspense and terror in your next book? If you missed the previous feature of this author on my blog, then consider this zombie lover.

Samie Sands is a freelance graphic designer who followed her lifelong dream and uses her creativity in a new way by writing. With a degree in Media Studies and PR, Samie has already had articles published in a number of e-zines, including one of the most popular pieces at Zombie Guide Magazine.

She lives in a small seaside town in the UK, but loves to travel to gain inspiration from new places and different cultures.

Author Samie Sands has a three-part zombie series called AM13 Outbreak. The second book called Forgotten, shown above, kicks zombie butt as good as the first book called Lockdown. Forgotten continues the story of the AM-13 virus and is told from three different points of view.

All three books in the zombie book series are available now, and you can get them free on Kindle today! 
Every attempt to contain the deadly AM13 virus has failed, leaving humanity on the brink of extinction…

The plague is spreading out of control with no cure in sight. Then the government announces its new plan—a sanctuary in an area completely untouched by the infected—as long as you can get there alive and unscathed.

Ethan Watton has managed to survive this long, even with OCD making every day more hellish than it already is…

Ethan’s obsessive-compulsive disorder dramatically affected his life before the infection began. Now he’s desperate to get as far away from the zombie virus as humanly possible. Isolated and afraid, Ethan thinks there is no way in hell he will survive the epidemic.

Alyssa Turner has spent her teenage years prepping for the undead to challenge her zombie killing skills…

Still curious about the author? Here are a couple interview questions with Samie from the previous feature...

What inspires you to write?
For my first book, I wrote the book I wanted to read. I'd read a lot of book based in the zombie apocalypse and I found that the characters were always very capable. It made me wonder what would happen with an ordinary person trying to survive. Leah in Lockdown is normal, girl next door type without any skills to survive. Sometimes she's flawed and she doesn't always make the right choice, but that makes her more realistic.

How long does it take you to write a book, on average?
From the first idea to the finished book, I would say it takes me about a year. I feel like I have to do a few drafts to get it right, and I need to leave a gap in between each draft so I can create some distance to help me spot plot holes. Sometimes I get so involved in the story and the characters that I forget the reader doesn't know as much as me about the worlds I've created!

What are you working on right now?
Right now, I've just signed a contract for a completely different book. It's called Lottie Loves and it's very different from the zombie apocalypse in the Am13 Outbreak series. That isn't done though, I will be writing more!

So who wants to win something?! Like our last feature, Samie Sands and I have partnered up to give away a $50 Amazon gift card to one lucky Giveaway Guy reader.

Enter to win using the Rafflecopter form below. You may share on Twitter once a day for extra points for the duration of the giveaway.

This giveaway is open to users worldwide. One winner will be randomly selected via Rafflecopter, which I will contact by email after entries are verified. The winner will have 24 hours to respond, otherwise a new winner will be selected.

When All the Girls Have Gone by Jayne Ann Krentz

When All the Girls Have Gone by [Krentz, Jayne Ann]
Jayne Ann Krentz, the New York Times bestselling author of Secret Sisters, delivers a thrilling novel of the deceptions we hide behind, the passions we surrender to, and the lengths we'll go to for the truth . . . 

When Charlotte Sawyer is unable to contact her step-sister, Jocelyn, to tell her that one her closest friends was found dead, she discovers that Jocelyn has vanished.

Beautiful, brilliant - and reckless - Jocelyn has gone off the grid before, but never like this. In a desperate effort to find her, Charlotte joins forces with Max Cutler, a struggling PI who recently moved to Seattle after his previous career as a criminal profiler went down in flames - literally. Burned out, divorced and almost broke, Max needs the job.
After surviving a near-fatal attack, Charlotte and Max turn to Jocelyn's closest friends, women in a Seattle-based online investment club, for answers. But what they find is chilling . . .
When her uneasy alliance with Max turns into a full-blown affair, Charlotte has no choice but to trust him with her life. For the shadows of Jocelyn's past are threatening to consume her - and anyone else who gets in their way . . .
Review: This is an action-packed romantic suspense novel with enough twists and turns to leave your head spinning.  The characters all have their own character quirks that make them exciting to read, and the plot moves along at a gripping pace. As I got towards the end of the book I couldn't put it down, I was reading late into the night to get to that epic conclusion. The book hangover was totally worth it, highly recommended!

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Sleep Savannah Sleep by Alistair Cross

Sleep Savannah Sleep by [Cross, Alistair]
The Dead Don't Always Rest in Peace

Jason Crandall, recently widowed, is left to raise his young daughter and rebellious teenage son on his own - and the old Victorian in Shadow Springs seems like the perfect place for them to start over. But the cracks in Jason’s new world begin to show when he meets Savannah Sturgess, a beautiful socialite who has half the men in town dancing on tangled strings.

When she goes missing, secrets begin to surface, and Jason becomes ensnared in a dangerous web that leads to murder - and he becomes a likely suspect. But who has the answers that will prove his innocence? The jealous husband who’s hell-bent on destroying him? The local sheriff with an incriminating secret? The blind old woman in the house next door who seems to watch him from the windows? Or perhaps the answers lie in the haunting visions and dreams that have recently begun to consume him.

Or maybe, Savannah herself is trying to tell him that things aren’t always as they seem - and that sometimes, the dead don’t rest in peace.

“SLEEP SAVANNAH SLEEP hooks you with a small-town atmosphere that quickly turns ghostly cold. Beware a plethora of twists and turns …” – Michael Aronovitz, author of Alice Walks and Phantom Effect

Review: Chilling, exciting, a real page turner. Alistair Cross has crafted a wonderful piece of fiction with so many twists and turns, it'll have your head spinning. Savannah and her secrets are an incredible thrill ride. Very highly recommended. 

Friday, 22 September 2017

Thursday, 21 September 2017

The Rain Never Came by Lachlan Walter

In a thirsty, drought-stricken Australia, the country is well and truly sunburnt. As the Eastern states are evacuated to more appealing climates, a stubborn few resist the forced removal. They hide out in small country towns – somewhere no one would ever bother looking.
Bill Cook and Tobe Cousins are united in their disregard of the law. Aussie larrikins, they pass their hot, monotonous existence drinking at the barely standing pub. 
When strange lights appear across the Western sky, it seems that those embittered by the drought are seeking revenge. And Bill and Tobe are in their path. In the heat of the moment secrets will be revealed, and survival can’t be guaranteed.
Review: Wow, this book is really powerful! I didn't know what I was in for when I sat down to start reading, and it truly was a pleasant surprise. Bill and Tobe are strong characters that carry through this gripping plot well...and the ending...well, you'll just have to try it for yourself!

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Mythical Books: REVIEW - AM 13 Outbreak series by Samie Sands

Mythical Books: REVIEW - AM 13 Outbreak series by Samie Sands: Read them ALL TOGETHER! Seriously! Lockdown.  Forgotten Extinct

Stop the Sirens: Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse by E.E. Isherwood

Stop the Sirens: Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse, Book 3 by [Isherwood, E.E.]

What if the elderly held the cure?

Fifteen-year-old Liam Peters starts his day in a muddy creek. The Air Force tried to wipe his subdivision off the map, but luck and fast feet helped him find refuge from the big bombs. When he looks up, he sees his whole life has been swept away by fire. And Grandma? He'd been successful getting her out of the city, and across suburbia, but she was snatched from him minutes ago. She'd gotten a one-way ticket to a secretive facility only admitting elderly survivors.
As a studious reader of zombie literature, Liam knows the dangers of being without shelter or direction during the zombie plague. He'd already been attacked by angry looters, malicious refugees, and hordes of zombies. His house had been riddled by a chain gun--twice--before the final bombs fell. He tries to look ahead, but sees little hope. He is bolstered by his new girlfriend, Victoria, but without Grandma he feels defeated.
And yet, hope is out there. People are coming together to survive and help each other. One such group is at the Beaumont Boy Scout Reservation. It's an enclave of peace within the swirl of zombies and death engulfing all of metropolitan St. Louis. There, Liam and his family might find a base from which to search for Grandma Marty.
Before book 3 concludes, Liam will learn the origin of the plague, the fate of Grandma, and whether a couple of teenagers can “get involved” in the battle for a cure while in a world filled with zombies.
Stop the Sirens is the tense third installment of E. E. Isherwood’s hit post-apocalyptic series Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse. If you like to watch society collapse, zombie hordes bear down on the heroes, and skin-of-teeth escapes, you won’t be able to put down this awesome read!
The Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse series.
  • Book 1: Since the Sirens
  • Book 2: Siren Songs
  • Book 3: Stop the Sirens
  • Book 4: Last Fight of the Valkyries
  • Book 5: Zombies vs Polar Bears
  • Book 6: Zombies Ever After [Sept 17, 2016]
Author's Notes:Stop the Sirens continues the story of Liam, Marty, and Victoria, and approximately covers days 8-12 since the sirens blared in book 1.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Devour by R. L. Blalock

Devour (Death & Decay Book 1) by [Blalock, R. L.]
The virus is spreading. People are dying, but they don’t stay dead.

St. Louis is falling to pieces. In the midst of rioting, the outbreak of a dangerous new disease pushes an already dire situation over the edge. Those who are infected suddenly become extremely aggressive, attacking and even eating those around them.

And Olivia Bennett is caught right in the middle of it.

When Liv comes face to face with the infected, her hectic life grinds to a halt as the city around her begins to devour itself. Forced to flee from her car with nothing but her eighteen-month-old daughter, Elli, Liv must trek forty miles on foot across the zombie infested suburbs of St. Louis to a safe haven that may not even be safe.

Fight or die. What other hope does she have?

Enjoy the rest of the Death & Decay world!

Book 0.5: The Darkest Days
Book 1: Devour
Book 2: Divided
Book 3: Coming soon!

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

SAFE HAVEN: REALM OF THE RAIDERS by Christopher Artinian

SAFE HAVEN: REALM OF THE RAIDERS by [Artinian, Christopher]

A virus has swept across the planet turning people into flesh-craving zombies. The UK and Ireland were the last to fall, but now the virus has won. Cities are infested with the undead. To stay is to die.

Having fled Leeds, Mike Fletcher and his family thought they had found a safe haven in the island village of Candleton. But their peace was fleeting and others want what they have. Now they find themselves in a fresh fight for their lives; battling armies of vicious raiders and fast, relentless zombies.

Horror and tyranny reign in this new world and a war is looming on the horizon that only the bravest will choose to fight. The time has come to take a stand. The time has come to find a new kind of hero.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Magic Realized and Other Poems on the Human Spirit by Louis Alan Swartz

You are much more beautiful than you ever imagined.
You are wiser, more compassionate and of greater use than, in many cases, you have been taught to believe. Your dreams matter. Your personal pursuit of happiness matters. You matter.
You are an immortal spiritual being. You have a unique, personal magnificence. It is my viewpoint that poetry is a concentrated and direct language with which that special wonder that is you can be addressed and drawn out.
This book is about your capacity to love; to be amazed and astonished. It’s about the unacknowledged grace that you possess. It concerns your native potential to create.
This book was written with the purpose of communicating to the untapped magic inside of you; the special personal artistry that belongs to you.
My intention in writing this book was to speak to the miracle that is you.
Much Love,
“Louis Alan Swartz writes beautiful and meaningful poems about life, death, immortality, spirituality and living … he often touched me deeply with his sentences. I had tears in my eyes while I was reading…I read these poems all in one sitting, I was completely spellbound and loved every single one of them.” -- Suze Lavender, Reviewer
“...when I find poetry that I like, it tends to stay with me. Such is the case with this book. It is filled with moving poetry that you can relate to, and understand, and truly feel. Filled with beautiful imagery and positive energy, these poems paint a picture in the mind’s eye …You will easily find comfort from the poems on these pages.” Angela Gibbs, Reviewer
“The reason why I never fully grasped poetry is clear now after reading Louis Alan Swartz—I was reading the wrong kind. This is my kind of poetry…because the poetry is written in a way that I can read it and understand.” —Phetra Novak, Reviewer
“This may be an anthology of poems—but it is also the manifestation of life—the beautiful journey of life—from all perspectives and from all angles. It is a saga of that immortal soul.” --Jayasre Roy, Reviewer from India
Review: You may have seen my posting about this book on Instagram as I was reading it, and that's because I really enjoyed it. This is a book of really touching poems. I read a lot of them with my daughter because I thought there were some truly important messages within them and she loved it too. Even if you think poetry is not for you, there will be something for you in this book. 

Lisa Haselton's Reviews and Interviews: Interview with dark fiction author Samie Sands

Lisa Haselton's Reviews and Interviews: Interview with dark fiction author Samie Sands: Dark fiction author Samie Sands is here today to chat with me about her new horror sci-fi novel, Lockdown. During her virtual book tou...

Monday, 11 September 2017

Undead Worlds by the Reanimated Authors

Undead Worlds: A Reanimated Writers Anthology by [Blalock, R. L., Simpson, David A., Artinian, Christopher, Lecter, Adrienne, Lioudis, Valerie, Grivante, Isherwood, E. E., Ingersoll, Charles, Barzey, Sylvester, Sands, Samie]
22 Authors. 22 Undead worlds. 1 Great Book.
Do you dare?

Alone Together by David Simpson
What do you do when there is nowhere left to run?

Gone Fishin’ by Justin Robinson
When the dead rise, the living become the monsters.

The Festival by Christopher Manhood
A city on lockdown as a nation awaits bloodshed, let the festival begin.

Jimmy by Arthur Mongelli
Decades of meddling with the food we eat brings about the zombie apocalypse, ordinary people struggle to survive.

The Fort by Michael Whitehead
When sanctuary becomes a prison, all you can do is fight.

Adam by Sylvester Barzey
Some families aren't worth dying for.

A Peaceful Town by Jeremy Dyson

The Undead Pool: The Zombie Night by Derek Ailes

Zombie Exterminators by Grivante
Two brothers saving the world one job at a time!

The Horror at Roswell Mills by Michael Peirce

Before Safe Haven: Losing the Battle by Christopher Artinian
There is no greater weapon than the will to fight for the ones you love.

On the Rocks by E.E. Isherwood

Morning of The Living Dead by Mark Cusco Ailes

Defenseless: A Story of Death & Decay by R. L. Blalock
As the zombies rise, 6-year-old Dylan must face a frightening new world alone.

To the Hills by T. D. Ricketts
A real live zombie apocalypse!

When I Grow Up, I Won’t Be by Brea Behn
What if you knew you'd never make it to 18?

Fallen by Jessica Gomez

Brain Waves by Julien Saindon

Damaged Goods by Samie Sands
There's only one rule: don't get bit!

Avery by Valerie Lioudis
Trapped in a world with the undead, Avery looks to control it by filling her space with treasures, leading her to risk her life for useless garbage.

In the Beginning, God by Charles Ingersoll
God made Man. Man made monsters.

Evacuation by Adrienne Lecter
When the world is about to end, one man has to bring home the bacon.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Dandelion: Extinct Tour and Giveaway!

Dandelion: Extinct Tour and Giveaway!: Extinct AM13 Outbreak Series Book 3 by Samie Sands Genre: Horror Writing books about the horrors of the zombie apocal...

Dragon: The Clan Legacy Series by J. S. Striker

Dragon: The Clan Legacy Series by [Striker, J. S. ]
Undeniable attraction, sexy shifters, magic, demons, and vampires all wrapped up in a riveting series you don't want to miss.

"A four book box set that will have you hooked until the end."
"Fantastic dragon shifter with loads of magic involved."
"Amazing paranormal romance with lots of paranormal action, varied paranormal characters, and lots humor in a great romantic story."

A fantastic HEA series with NO CLIFFHANGERS. Twists and turns that will keep you wanting MORE!

Mature Content

Thursday, 7 September 2017

In Darkness Dwell by Amy Cross

In Darkness Dwell (The House of Jack the Ripper Book 2) by [Cross, Amy]
“It's all anybody can talk about. He's out there somewhere in the night, stalking the streets as he searches for his next victim.”

A killer is loose in London, copying the murders of Jack the Ripper. Alone on the streets, Maddie tries to find a place to hide, but she soon starts to see a silhouetted figure following her through the night. She tells herself that she's imagining the whole thing, but soon she finds herself trapped. Even when an unlikely savior seems to come along and offer hope, Maddie worries that she's not safe. And before the night is over, she comes face to face with the true horror that is stalking the streets of London.

Meanwhile, over a century earlier, Doctor Charles Grazier deals with an intruder in his home. Wanting nothing more than to complete his work and go to join his wife Catherine, Grazier finds instead that his noctural activities have drawn some unwanted attention. Can he get rid of this intruder and get back to his original plan, or will he be tempted to try an even more shocking procedure? And can anything stop the spread of lurid stories, detailing the crimes of Jack the Ripper?

In Darkness Dwell is the second book in a new horror series, titled The House of Jack the Ripper. This book ends on a cliffhanger, and the story continues in the next book in the series.

Wonderful World of Books: Book Tour - Extinct by Samie Sands + Giveaway!

Wonderful World of Books: Book Tour - Extinct by Samie Sands + Giveaway!: Title: Extinct Series: AM13 Outbreak #3 Author: Samie Sands  Genre: Horror Published Date: May 31,2016 Writing ...

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Forbidden Mind by Karpov Kinrade

Forbidden Mind (The Forbidden Trilogy Book 1) by [Kinrade, Karpov]
From USA Today bestselling author Karpov Kinrade comes an award-winning series full of romance and page-turning suspense.

She reads minds. He controls minds. Together, they might get out alive.

I've seen into the minds of killers and have crawled into the darkest mental corners of humanity, but even I wasn't prepared for this.

I thought that when I turned 18 I would be released from my secret school of paranormal spies and free to follow my dreams and make my own life. That's what we all thought. Until I met Drake.

Everything changed when I linked minds with the blond-haired boy strapped to that gurney. In my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined the dangerous truth behind my life.

And now time is running out. We must work together to save ourselves and everyone we love. Before it's too late.

"...a thrilling, dark and deeply romantic read that had me sitting on the edge of my seat and eagerly awaiting the next installment." ~ Refracted Light Young Adult Book Reviews

Winner of 2011 Forward National Literature Award

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Destroy Series by K.D. Carrillo

Destroy Series: Books 1-3 by [Carrillo, K.D., Publishing, Limitless]

At twenty-years-old, Becca Scott thought she finally had her life under control…

With the help of the people around her, she was able to deal with her traumatic childhood and let go of the pain that haunted her every day. But one unexpected encounter at a lake house would stir up every dark emotion she worked so hard to forget.

There wasn’t anyone Aiden Ryan hated more than himself…

Plagued with a life filled with manipulation and regret, he will try anything to ignore the guilt that eats him alive, even if it means more pain for him in the long run. It’s not until he meets Becca that things start to change.

There’s only one problem—he’s stuck in a relationship he can’t get out of with a woman he doesn’t care about.

Love is complicated, but when two people have demons they refuse to face, love could destroy them. Together, Becca and Aiden try and let go of their painful pasts to be together.

But will their pasts let go of them?


Kate Kennedy guards her secret from all who know her…

Independent and cunning, she traverses through her life one day at a time. Keeping to herself and living her life on her own, just the way she likes it. However, one man is intrigued by her mysterious ways, despite her attempts to keep everyone at arm’s length.

Reed Martin struggles with the circumstance of his past on a daily basis…

His nights are full of terror and haunting memories. He’s a man looking for his purpose outside of the tragedy that curses his mind, and he thinks he may have found it in a reserved and mysterious blonde.

Can they rescue each other from everything that threatens to destroy them both?

Demons can only hide for so long.

Pasts can haunt.

Secrets can destroy.


Antonia “Toni” Padilla’s friends think she’s heartbroken—but they’re wrong…

Toni’s on-again, off-again relationship with Miguel Santos is going nowhere, but it’s not the end of the world. The truth is she hasn’t had feelings for him for a long time—if ever. She doesn’t really believe a man can bring her to her knees, but then she meets bar-owner Trent McKenzie.

Trent wants Toni instantly—but she’s going to make him work for it…

Trent has a reputation for one-night stands, and Toni won’t be another notch on his bedpost, so despite their fierce attraction, she waits until she’s sure of his intentions. But once they start dating, there’s a mysterious increase in criminal activity around Trent’s bar.

Past traumas and current hidden agendas become dangerous…

Toni fears she’s being stalked, and the stress is bringing back nightmares she thought she’d gotten rid of years ago. To make matters worse, Trent soon becomes a target himself, leaving somebody he loves caught in the crossfire.

Unraveling the secrets of Toni’s lifelong recurring nightmare could help identify who means them harm, but who do you trust when you don’t know who is out to destroy you?

Saturday, 2 September 2017

The Game Changers Series by Shealy James

The Game Changers Series: Books 1-3 by [James, Shealy, Publishing, Limitless]

Eve Bryant finds herself moving across the country with only one goal—to rediscover herself and get her life back on track…

Leaving a disastrous marriage, she swears off men and relationships, but when she meets sexy, charismatic Grant Mitchell, her new rules fly right out the window.

Grant is a born and bred businessman, and he always gets what he wants…

The moment he lays eyes on Eve, Grant is determined she will be his. She’s different from other women he knows—too stiff, too prim—but her smile pierces his heart and he longs to see what she’s like when she lets her hair down. They discover a powerful and undeniable connection, leading to a fast moving relationship that leaves Eve whirling in its wake.

The odds are stacked against them, and trust is hard to come by.

A woman scorned, a troubled ex-husband, and a mother bent on orchestrating her son’s future to suit her own agenda make for a very rocky road. The new couple may not last, no matter how strong their feelings for each other are. Grant is willing to fight to keep Eve in his life, but after recent events, Eve isn't sure she has any fight left to give.

Will outside forces drive Eve and Grant apart? Or will they learn there’s no love greater than the one you fight the hardest to keep?


Katherine “Kitty” Peters is done doing what Daddy says…

When Kitty rebels against her wealthy father, he issues an ultimatum. She has one month to agree with his plans for a suitable marriage, or find her own way without the benefit of all he provides for her.

Taking full advantage of those precious weeks, Kitty escapes her suffocating world for a more colorful one…where she meets a tattooed maverick who captivates her with one sexy smirk.

Adam Vaughn doesn’t play by the rules…

His good looks and bad-boy persona always get him what he wants, but he’s also an artist, a painter, and deeply sensitive. Lately, however, only one thing inspires him—the stunning Kitty Peters.

Passion flares, but a family crisis might douse the flame…

Adam needs help, and Kitty’s father has connections. As the end of her month approaches, Kitty’s deal with the devil is far more complicated than simply submitting to her father’s will.

Can she walk away from the man she loves in order to save him from pain?

Even if it means living the rest of her life without him?


There’s no man in the world who won’t break Reagan Anders’s heart…

At the fragile age of eight, Reagan’s life seemed perfect. But when her beloved father abandoned their tiny family, Reagan was left emotionally scarred.

Now in high school, not much has changed. Reagan still won’t let her guard down. Not even for her long-time friend, Brock Anderson, who has spent years pursuing Reagan, yet never tearing down her walls.

If you push hard enough, eventually you’ll get your way...

By graduation, Brock has finally won over Reagan’s affections. They aren’t a public item, but Brock is content just being hers, even if that means going without the official boyfriend title.

As usual, Reagan’s fears get the better of her, and suspicions of Brock’s commitment creep in. Surviving their relationship’s tension, they make it to college together, where their game of cat and mouse takes a darker twist.

Tragedies come in threes...

But after a tragic car crash that kills her best friend, her mother ships her off to the one person Reagan hates more than herself. Her father.

When she meets her brother she never knew, they immediately become friends. Years pass until one day when she meets one of her brother’s friends…Brock Anderson—and he’s on a mission to win her back.

When Reagan and Brock are reunited, the chemistry is stronger than ever. But when uncertainty threatens their future, will Brock be the safe bet, or will he be the heartache she always feared?

Thursday, 31 August 2017

The Spirit Trilogy by D. Nichole King

The Spirit Trilogy: Books 1-3 by [King, D. Nichole, Publishing, Limitless]

While seventeen year-old Carrie Reese’s parents were working out the details of their divorce, she headed to Villisca, Iowa to stay with her grandparents.

Villisca was home to the infamous Axe Murder House…

It’s known to be haunted by the ghosts of the victims and their killer. Carrie doesn’t believe in ghosts, but the moving curtains and red flashes of light in the windows of Lot 310 were starting to give her reason to watch her back.

Then in walked Lucas…

Within days, Carrie knew she was in love. But Lucas seemed strange: his hands were cool and hollow, he barely touched his food, and there was sadness behind his brilliant green eyes.

Lucas was falling for Carrie but knowing that loving her puts her in grave danger, he reluctantly slips out of her life….

He struggles between staying away and telling Carrie his darkest secret. Unable to stand being apart from her any longer, he decides she must know.


They vowed to never return.

Their lives depend on it. With last summer behind them, Lucas and Carrie think they’re safe.

Only the Moore House isn’t through with them.

When Lucas receives bad news, the search for the elusive half-demon who holds the key to Lucas’s death becomes first priority. The creature might be Lucas’s only shot at finding his soul. Problem is he doesn’t want to be found.

Dead ends and blocked attempts leave them wary.

Lucas seems to be fading away. His eyes no longer glow, his skin pales. Exhaustion consumes him, leaving him distant when he’s with Carrie. Not knowing what’s happening to him kills her.

From all around, shadows creep in, and there’s nowhere to hide.

Then, a mysterious stranger suddenly appears in town and unlocks a deadly secret from Lucas’s past. When the Moore House becomes their only escape—

No one is safe.


A soul is not meant to be severed from its spirit.

Neither is it meant to be ripped in two.

Half of Lucas’s soul is lost, and the rest he forfeited to save Carrie’s life. Now, the piece residing in her calls out for unity, and the cry is too much for her to bear. Her spirit suffers, and Lucas fears for her life.

The connection between the couple grows, but so does the evil pursuing them.

When Carrie falls into the clutches of a demon, she and Lucas realize Hell is invested in their search for his soul. Demons know Villisca is without a necromancer, and that Carrie sees the auras of supernaturals. So they offer Carrie a deal.

A prophecy is given. A choice is made.

Love is supposed to conquer all, but the closer Lucas and Carrie come to merging his soul, the more ephemeral their future together appears. When the price is finally revealed—

More than one life is at stake.